Word of Mouth Magic

When was the last time you were so satisfied with a product or service that you referred it to a friend? Then your friend referred it to their friends, and so on. Now, wouldn't it be great if your business generated this kind of word of mouth magic?

At Malouin Marketing, more than 95% of our business comes from referrals. Now that's a statistic that I'm personally proud of! While we attribute our high rate of referrals to our commitment to providing customers with outstanding services at a great value, we know that it took some behind-the-scenes work to make it happen.

Customers who come from referrals tend to have a low acquisition rate as well as higher loyalty. In this article, we are sharing some tried and true tactics that are likely to increase your company's referrals:

Get in the habit of asking. This seems simple enough, but is often overlooked. If your customer is pleased with your work, follow up with a simple question like, "Do you know of anyone else who might be interested in our product or service?" Even if they say no at the time, leave them with a few extra business cards in case they think of potential referrals later.

Make it easy to refer. Give your satisfied customers postage-paid postcards that they can sign and drop in the mail to colleagues. Or send customers a well-designed e-mail that they can simply forward to contacts they think might be interested. Include a link on the e-mail that forwards the referred prospect to a special page on your website to request more information or a quote.

Be specific when asking for a referral. Don't assume that your customer knows what kind of referral you're looking for. If they're not aware of who your target customer is, you may waste time pursuing invalid leads.

Evaluate your customers with a simple survey. Ask your customers how likely they are to refer you on a score from 1-10. You can use this information to create a net promoter score. This can be a great benchmarking tool for customer satisfaction and for measuring the results of your referral marketing programs.

Consider event-driven referral campaigns. Time your referral request at a key milestone, such as an anniversary. For example, you can send an announcement stating, "We're so happy that you've been our customer for one year. How about sharing the joy with your friends and colleagues?"

Tap into the power of social media. If you haven't already done so, start a "fan" page on Facebook asking customers and other contacts to "like" your company page. Ask your LinkedIn connections to write a favorable recommendation. (Don't forget to reciprocate the favor when appropriate.) Finally, use your Facebook and LinkedIn posts to ask satisfied clients to refer you to others who could benefit from your services - sometimes the direct approach is the most effective.

Find out who your client knows. A great way to do so is through LinkedIn. After you "connect" with a customer, you can easily identify their key influencers to see if they are a potential lead. What professional organizations do they belong to? What networking events do they attend? The "Get Introduced to a Connection" feature makes it easy for you to ask your customer to make the referral.

"Thank you" goes a long way. Show your appreciation to those customers who refer with a personal note, discount, or gift card. They may be more likely to refer again in the future.

We'd like to take this opportunity to thank all of our customers, friends and colleagues who have referred Malouin Marketing. We value your contribution to our success and we truly appreciate your support.

As always, we encourage you to forward this email to anyone who might be interested in our marketing services. And, if we can help YOU in developing a plan to increase business referrals, please let us know.


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