Tips for Building a Successful Mobile App

Is your business thinking about building a mobile app? If so, you’re not alone — the mobile industry is booming and apps are becoming an integral part of almost every business. Recent stats show the average American spends 2.8 hours a day using mobile devices and that 90 percent of that time is spent within apps.

Apps are a good way to engage with customers, provide customer service and support, promote your business, stand out from the competition, and of course, generate revenue. Here are some best practices for developing an app that will help you get the results you’re looking for:

  • Define your goal
    What is your app going to do? To be successful, it should be genuinely useful, provide your customer with tangible benefits or make your customers’ lives better in some way.
  • Do your research
    Before you do anything else, look deeply into your business, your target audience and the app market. Start by searching the app stores for competing apps. What features do they offer and how will you make your app better than theirs? Also consider technical requirements for your app, which platform you’ll use and how to optimize your app to increase its ranking in app stores.
  • Consider your audience
    Who is going to use your app? What are their goals and challenges? Knowing your customers’ habits will provide a framework for determining the features that will be most important to include and help you focus your development efforts.
  • Create a strategy
    How will your app make money? You can charge people to download your app; make your app free, but feature advertising on it; offer in-app purchases; or, build an audience first and monetize your app later (keep in mind, this model requires a very large user base).
  • Design an app that is easy to use
    If you don’t have an in-house designer, find an app developer to help you through the process. Keep in mind the most successful apps are intuitive, use date efficiently and have very easy and simple layouts — the fewer steps for the user, the better.
  • Test and test again
    Test your app in real-world scenarios to ensure your final product launches without a hitch. Test its interaction design, functionality and performance against other apps, and be sure to test on every platform, browser and carrier. Observe users outside your app team testing your prototype, since they may have questions or insights that may not be obvious to you.
  • Introduce it to the world!
    With over 1 million apps available, it can be challenging to get noticed. To increase visibility, create a website or landing page for your app, and add it to your business website. You can promote your app in almost any marketing material you produce, including traditional print advertisements, catalogs, and brochures and even add it to your email signature. You may also consider creating an app video for the app stores, starting a blog to improve SEO, and using social media or PR to increase awareness. Start marketing your app long before its launch date by publishing sneak peeks to generate excitement or using beta testers to help with word-of-mouth marketing.

 Without marketing, even the best apps struggle when it comes to customer discovery and acquisition. Whether your app is in the early development stages or ready for launch, contact us today for a free, no-obligation quote for a marketing campaign tailored to your app