The Customer Experience & Marketing

Research has shown that there’s a strong correlation between customer experience, also known as “CX,” and brand loyalty. It’s understandable why this is such a hot topic right now among marketing professionals – a company’s marketing strategies can have a direct impact on customer experience, which if done right can lead to longer customer retention, higher ROI and ultimately an increase in profitability. In fact, researchers at Forrester found that a better customer experience can sometimes translate into millions in revenue.

Here are five things you can do in 2018 to ensure you’re better than the competition as companies everywhere are striving to improve their customers’ journey:

  • Consider the entire customer experience 
  • Understanding and supporting your customer at each stage of the journey is vital to the success of your CX and marketing strategies. It begins with understanding what a positive customer experience entails, then finding ways to make it even better at every touchpoint. This may include the way potential customers receive marketing materials, how they search the website, their experience with employees and even how they interact on social media.
  • Update your website
    Not only is it important to have a user-friendly website with a logical roadmap, clear navigation and easy-to-find contact information, now more than ever it’s vital to have a mobile-friendly version. Smartphones and tablets are driving a significant amount of web traffic, and these numbers continue to rise. If your website isn’t optimized professionally for mobile, your bounce rate on mobile devices is going to be extremely high, and in turn your CX will be extremely low.
  • Use data to understand your customer
    If a company is only measuring certain parts of the customer experience, such as website functionality, customer complaints or social media comments, it’s missing out on an opportunity to analyze important factors such as customer expectations and brand perceptions – things that ultimately impact brand loyalty and willingness to purchase. To improve the customer experience, you’ll need to integrate all your data, from multiple channels, to give a holistic picture of the entire customer journey.
  • Choose the right channels
    Part of understanding your customer is knowing how your customers want to engage with you, and communicating with them using their desired methods, such as email, live chat, social media and other customer service software applications. Even the most carefully crafted marketing campaign can result in poor CX if the channel isn’t the right fit. Marketers should also consider language, frequency and timing – communicating in a way that provides the most value to customers.
  • Create an emotional connection
    According to Gallup, a business that optimizes for an emotional connection outperforms competitors by 85 percent in sales growth. Emotionally engaged customers are more likely re-purchase, more likely to recommend your product or service, and less likely to shop around. While you can achieve this through marketing materials and online interactions, the best customer experiences are achieved when a member of your team creates an emotional connection with a customer; customers become loyal because they remember how they feel when they use a product or service.

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