Goodbye Lazy Days of Summer

If your business is anything like mine, things start to really pick up after Labor Day. For Malouin Marketing, traditionally summer is the time when we take advantage of the seasonal lull to get organized and do some of our own marketing planning. 

With just a few shorts weeks left before the return of "business as usual," why not take advantage of the lazy days of summer to help ensure that your business thrives year round? Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

Take time to research--When you're juggling multiple projects and facing tight deadlines, market research is often placed on the back burner. Use this breathing time to conduct market intelligence, identify your company's strengths and weaknesses, or organize focus groups to get a read on how you're doing in the marketplace.

Monitor and measure--With nearly three-quarters of the year behind us, late summer is a great time to examine the results of your marketing campaigns to date. Compare the response and conversion rates of campaigns and study all available analytics. To judge your marketing performance for the year, it'simportant to define your objectives and identify a way to quantify those objectives.

Review your current marketing plan--Now that you've examined what has been working and what hasn't, think about any changes or enhancements you'll want to make to next year's plan. Again, by taking a bird's-eye view of your plan, you'll be able to more effectively adjust your programs as needed and budget accordingly for the future to get the most bang for your marketing buck.

How are you spending your summer days? We want to know! Visit our Facebook page and leave us your favorite tips on staying productive during the summer. If you need assistance with your research and planning, contact Malouin Marketing for a free consultation.


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