Four More Tips to Leverage LinkedIn Company Pages

This is the second article in a two-part series on how to get the most out of LinkedIn's Company Page feature.

Previously, I wrote about how to best develop a LinkedIn Company Page that optimally promotes your products and services, while providing compelling content that engages and captivates your visitors. (If you missed this first article, click here.)

Now that you've developed a sensational Company Page - visually and content-wise - it's time to grow your following! Here are four simple steps to begin building your network:

1. Start with your own employees.

Encourage employees to create their own LinkedIn profiles if they haven't already done so. Once they include your company name in their profile, they automatically become followers.

You may want to create a set of LinkedIn guidelines for employees, so that they represent your organization in the most favorable light. For example, you may want to ask employees to:

  • Use the correct company name so it automatically links to your official Company Page.
  • Include a three-to-five-sentence description of their work experience in theSummary section, including key accomplishments and responsibilities in their current position.
  • Add a one-to-two-sentence job description in the Experience section under Current Job Title, followed by a company description that you have developed for this purpose and also have included in your set of guidelines.
  • Use a professional-looking headshot, appropriate to your type of business.
  • Post appropriately.Posts and comments should be professional. Employees should avoid using foul language, slang or making negative comments.

Finally, ask employees to include a link to your Company Page in their company email signatures, and to spread the word to their personal and professional networks.

2.  Promote the page externally.
All of your marketing communications should provide a link to your Company Page, including your emails, newsletters and blogs. Invite customers, partners, and other key audiences to become followers. Of course, you'll also want a "Follow" button prominently featured on your company website.

3. Join groups.

Joining relevant LinkedIn groups is an effective way to highlight your Company Page and attract more followers. Launch your own discussions or contribute to popular discussions other members have created.

4.  Ask followers to spread the word

Don't be shy about asking followers to like, share and comment on your updates. This helps spread your message to their entire network.

LinkedIn is proving to be a great way to build brand loyalty and generate awareness among constituents. By making it an important, integral element of your overall marketing plan, you should reap the benefits of a strong, dedicated following.

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