Five Tips to Kickstart Your B2B Loyalty Programs

When you think of customer loyalty programs, what comes to mind? Perhaps a stamp card, airline rewards, coupons or free merchandise? While loyalty programs are traditionally thought of as consumer-facing incentives, they also can play an important role in your B2B strategy.

In addition to enhancing the customer experience and retention rate for your current clients, an effective B2B loyalty program can offer many other benefits, such as higher brand perception, good PR and even new business opportunities through increased referrals. In fact, according to a study conducted by The New York Times, 65 percent of new business comes from referrals – and there is no better way to motivate your current clients than to incentivize them by using the right loyalty programs.

Although both B2C and B2B loyalty programs pursue the same purpose, the methods of implementing a B2B program are somewhat different. Unlike B2C, B2B is a smaller, more focused target market with specific customers. Here are a few ideas to consider as you jumpstart your B2B customer loyalty program:

Upgrade your face-to-face interactions
If your business holds personal meetings, consider upgrading the meeting spot for your top-tier customer base to show your B2B customers that you appreciate them. Some fun locations to replace the conference room: a trendy restaurant, sporting event or even a concert.

Host a seminar or workshop
In-person events are a great opportunity to recognize your clients and strengthen ties with them. But instead of hosting another mixer or cocktail party, what about a seminar or workshop where they can take tips with them to succeed in their own field? By providing them with information instead of things, your customers will see the long term value in continuing to do business with you.

Provide exclusive access
For your B2B customers who value exclusivity, consider providing them with special access to new products, special services, promos or sneak peeks. Another way to enhance your relationship and drive positive customer behavior is to surprise them with pleasant benefits and rewards that are not advertised and are completely unexpected.

Offer discounts

This loyalty program type can be used as a B2C approach; however, it also fits in the B2B environment. When completing an order, offer your customers who join a loyalty program exclusive discounts that can be applied to the current or future purchase.

Create incentives for referrals
While your B2B customers may naturally begin referring others to your business, make it easy for them by creating a formal system that rewards them for providing referrals – an extra way to say “thank you” to your biggest brand ambassadors.

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