Direct Mail Still Matters!

We get it – direct mail isn’t as exciting as the latest social media campaign or as hip as a video marketing strategy. But even in 2016 as the digital age continues to grow, it’s important to remember that direct mail still matters.

At Malouin Marketing, we believe direct mail can play an important role in your integrated marketing campaign. Not only does a smart direct mail piece generate a higher response rate than an email, data released by the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council shows that 79 percent of consumers act on direct mail immediately versus 45 percent who do the same with email, and 70 percent of consumers polled said they renewed relationships with businesses they had previously ceased using after receiving direct mail.

While we know there are many tried and true benefits of sending a direct mail piece, let’s take a look at this year’s top five trends that will help you make the most of your investment:

1. Integrate direct mail with digital marketing.
While direct mail can be effective on its own, it’s also a great way to bolster the performance of a digital campaign or start a conversation on social media. One way you can do this is to include a hashtag to help promote your brand or campaign and ask your consumers to answer a question or post a photo along with it. Before deciding on your hashtag, make sure it isn’t being used by anyone else – a simple Twitter search will show its history. And since consistency is key to driving a successful campaign, be sure to include the same hashtag and key messages on your direct mail piece, ads, emails, landing pages and other print and digital materials.

2. Re-think your call to action.

After your direct mail piece makes them want more, let them act on it with a compelling call-to-action. Instead of including a reply card, try a web-only response mechanism that complements your direct mail piece; remember, digital is the new destination! People want to go online to get the rest of the information, sign up for, or download the offer. Just remember, you don’t want to direct them to a website that shows the exact same thing they just read on the direct mail piece. Offer them something different – such as a video or a discount if they provide their email or connect with your business on social media.

3. Personalize, personalize, personalize.

Gone are the days of “Dear Neighbor” or “Current Resident.” Today’s consumers want to feel like whatever piece of marketing they receive is specifically designed for their needs and tastes. Recent advances in the printing field and list management software have made it easy for companies to change substantial parts of the body of a message, not just the address field. You can even create personalized URLs so each recipient will be directed to their own webpage auto-populated with their name and unique offers based on their tastes – making it easier to track response rates and measure ROI.

4. Find your audience.
Careful targeting will make your direct mail campaign go farther and be that much more effective. The reason many people consider direct mail “junk mail” is because they’re looking at a piece they never should have received in the first place – it’s not relevant to their needs. With direct mail, quality is better than quantity; mailing fewer, targeted pieces is proven to be more effective than a mass mailing and gives you the budget flexibility to increase the quality or design of your promotion, which could result in an even higher response rate.

5. Remember the basics.
While it’s important to stay on top of these trends, it’s equally important to have a well thought-out strategy and to make sure your direct mail piece is written well, designed with the consumer in mind, and has a simple, clear method for response.

At Malouin Marketing, direct mail marketing is, and always has been, one of our key specialties. We’ve helped clients of all sizes meet their customer retention or client acquisition objectives by developing clever and effective direct mail programs that stand out from the pack. We’d love to help you meet yours!

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