Direct Mail in a Digital Age

The world of marketing is an ever-evolving one, with each year bringing new and interesting technologies and techniques to keep us on our toes. While digital marketing continues to become more personalized and interactive, it might surprise you to learn that direct mail can play a huge role in driving digital traffic.

Does Direct Mail Still Work?

The short answer is yes. According to the Direct Marketing Association’s (DMA) 2015 report, the response rate of direct mail continues to outperform all digital channels, with a 3.7 percent response rate compared to a 0.62 percent response rate for all digital channels combined. Why? In addition to its long shelf life, direct mail can be creative, targeted and personal. It also requires less cognitive effort to process than digital media, making it both easier to understand and more memorable.

Mailbox > Inbox

It’s a fact: most people don’t read through every email they get. It’s even common practice nowadays to create a separate email account just for “junk” (AKA marketing emails), which means your message might get stuck in an unopened inbox or simply deleted before it has a chance to shine. But while emails are being deleted or ignored, 77 percent of all people sort through their packages, postcards, letters and envelopes as soon as they open their mailbox. And this doesn’t just apply to the “older” generations who have yet to adapt to new technologies; according to Business2Community, 63 percent of millennial consumers credit direct mail for the purchase of a product.

Digital and Direct: Working Together as One

Direct mail is even more powerful when combined with a smart online strategy. Driving recipients to a website or social media site gives your audience an opportunity to learn about and connect with your brand. If you send a direct mail postcard with a coupon or another promotion that can only be redeemed online, you’re likely to convert quite a few recipients into online customers. You can also use your digital channels to measure your direct mail efforts through landing pages or targeted display ads that can help track audience engagement.

Stand Out from the Pack

While direct mail may help cut through the clutter in a world where people are inundated emails, it’s just as important to create pieces that stand out from the rest. DMA also found that the format plays a role in a direct mail piece’s success, with oversized envelopes having the best response rate. At Malouin Marketing, we’ve seen excellent results with these oversized formats, in addition to plastic postcards and mailers with other fun features such as coupons and scratch offs.

Putting Direct Mailers to Work for You

If you want to use the power of direct mail marketing to supplement your digital efforts and help grow your business, drive online traffic and increase ROI, contact us today for a free, no-obligation quote.


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