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  • Feeding the Beast: 5 Smart Tips for Content Development

    In this age of social media, content development is crucial. You need a healthy supply of fresh content to assuage your follower’s appetites -- otherwise brand awareness will falter and engagement will wither away. On Facebook alone, a brand should post between five- to ten-times per week. That’s a lot of content to be developed.

    According to a report from the CMO Council on B2B Content Marketing, one quarter of marketing budgets are allocated to content development and implementation. What’s more, this content isn’t just a frivolous pursuit. It’s influencing vendor preference and ultimately selection with 87 percent of buyers saying that online content has a major or moderate impact.

    But, before you start on a content development frenzy, remember the basics. Good content begins with sound strategy, an understanding of your audience and their tastes, and best practice insights.

    So, say you have all that in place. How do you feed the beast? Here are five tips for successful content development:

    1. Find Your Voice – Although there is no precise formula for finding your authentic social media voice, it is a worthy exercise to examine the character, tone, language and purpose of your social media messages. A distinct and consistent voice will make your brand stand out.

    2. Mix Up – Everyone from ranchers to prom queens are blogging nowadays. And while blogs can certainly be a valuable social media marketing tool, the written word of a blog is not the only way to share your voice. As the old adage goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. In fact, visual content is more impactful than ever before. So try adding infographics, visual posts and videos to your social media mix.

    3. Creation or Curation? – Coming up with new, unique content can be a creative challenge, even for the most prolific communicator. Content curation, on the other hand, allows you to share other people’s work in your space. This can be as simple as sharing a link to someone else’s article. However, more effective content curation adds your voice to the topic, lending your insight and providing analysis or takeaways.

    4. Tailor Content for Each Channel – In terms of social media posts, it’s not one-size-fits-all. Even if the topic is the same, the content length and wording for a headline should be different on Facebook than what you post on Twitter, for example. Also, consider your audience. Since you are communicating with a professional audience on LinkedIn your tone should reflect that.

    5. Try New Things - And just when you think you have it all figured out -- the game changes. What was best practice yesterday could be ineffective tomorrow. Don’t be afraid to try new channels, test different post styles, and be open to new ideas.

    What other tips do you have for feeding the beast? We invite you to share your thoughts on our Facebook page.

  • Five Tips to Leverage LinkedIn Company Pages

    If you've been hearing a lot of buzz lately about LinkedIn's Company Pages, it's no wonder.  With more than 200 million members and 50 million unique visitors each week, LinkedIn has become a highly valuable tool for both B2B and B2C companies looking to promote their business and recruit qualified candidates.  Virtually any company of any size can easily create a Company Page - at no cost whatsoever.

    According to LinkedIn, you only need 100-200 followers for your Company Page to reach the tipping point to start making an impact and driving engagement.  Further, LinkedIn has been developing ways to improve the Company Page's functionality to make it even more user-friendly and effective. So if your organization hasn't yet taken the plunge, now's the time.

    With the help of Malouin Marketing, WASH Multifamily Laundry Systems recently updated their LinkedIn Company Page. Now with 435 followers, WASH is engaging with customers and stakeholders through continual communication on LinkedIn

    We offer the following five tips to help you create a Company Page that will motivate visitors to click that "Follow" button and connect with your brand.

    1. Start with the Summary

    The About section, located at the bottom of your Home page, is a great way to provide a compelling, brief description about what you do and what differentiates you from your competitors.  You'll also want to use this section to plug in important search engine keywords so people can easily locate you when searching for your type of business or unique offerings.

    2.  Impress with an Image

    LinkedIn recently added this great feature that allows you to post a prominent banner photo or image on the top of each page - similar to Facebook's Cover Photo.   The more creative you get here the better - your goal is to capture visitors' attention to encourage them to take a closer look at your posted content.

    You may also want to incorporate a few words about your business in your image, since your company description won't appear until you scroll down to the very bottom of the Home page.

    3. Strut Your Stuff on the Products & Services Page

    This is where you can really highlight your company's offerings - products, services or otherwise.  When crafting this page, make sure that the first product or service you list is the most important, since it will also be featured on the sidebar of your Home page.

    Keep in mind, there's no reason to limit this section to solely products and services. Get creative by including special offers, contests, events, or any other content that will pique the interest of your target audience. If you have instructive or informative videos, you'll want to post those here as well.  As I've mentioned in past newsletters, most people are visual learners, so your followers will appreciate viewing content that provides value to them. And here's another huge bonus of the Products & Services page: The right sidebar now features a list of LinkedIn members who have provided a testimonial/recommendation for a specific product or service. Any visitor to this page can see who in their network has endorsed you.

    On that note...

    4.  Ask for product and service recommendations

    Don't expect people to write reviews on their own - the only way to get a shout out from a follower is by asking.  According to LinkedIn, "Recommendations provide an authentic endorsement, making it easy for prospective customers to feel confident about doing business with you."   To get the most mileage from these valuable testimonials, you may want to include them on your company website, in print and online ads, and in other promotions, as appropriate.

    5.  Engage, engage, engage

    Once you've built a solid Company Page, you'll want to keep 'em coming back for more.  Do this by providing your followers with fresh, meaningful and targeted content. As you build your follower community, be sure to enhance their engagement by posting daily status updates.  Share company news, industry articles, or thought leadership pieces. Attention-grabbing content, such as images or infographics, also go a long way in building relationships. You can also ask followers to weigh in on important topics.  All posts will appear on your Company Page and in the news feed on the homepage of each of your followers.

    Hint: To fine-tune your messages and increase engagement, be sure to monitor follower and page stats analytics.  This will give you a deeper understanding of your follower base, community growth, and engagement levels.

    If you need help in building a social media presence or any other marketing support in this rapidly changing marketing environment, Malouin Marketing is available to provide guidance and expert know how.  I'd love to discuss your unique needs and provide you with a free, no-obligation quote.  Reach me by email or call 310-379-6419 for a free consultation.

    And, please follow Malouin Marketing on its new LinkedIn Company Page!

  • Word of Mouth Magic

    When was the last time you were so satisfied with a product or service that you referred it to a friend? Then your friend referred it to their friends, and so on. Now, wouldn't it be great if your business generated this kind of word of mouth magic?

    At Malouin Marketing, more than 95% of our business comes from referrals. Now that's a statistic that I'm personally proud of! While we attribute our high rate of referrals to our commitment to providing customers with outstanding services at a great value, we know that it took some behind-the-scenes work to make it happen.

    Customers who come from referrals tend to have a low acquisition rate as well as higher loyalty. In this article, we are sharing some tried and true tactics that are likely to increase your company's referrals:

    Get in the habit of asking. This seems simple enough, but is often overlooked. If your customer is pleased with your work, follow up with a simple question like, "Do you know of anyone else who might be interested in our product or service?" Even if they say no at the time, leave them with a few extra business cards in case they think of potential referrals later.

    Make it easy to refer. Give your satisfied customers postage-paid postcards that they can sign and drop in the mail to colleagues. Or send customers a well-designed e-mail that they can simply forward to contacts they think might be interested. Include a link on the e-mail that forwards the referred prospect to a special page on your website to request more information or a quote.

    Be specific when asking for a referral. Don't assume that your customer knows what kind of referral you're looking for. If they're not aware of who your target customer is, you may waste time pursuing invalid leads.

    Evaluate your customers with a simple survey. Ask your customers how likely they are to refer you on a score from 1-10. You can use this information to create a net promoter score. This can be a great benchmarking tool for customer satisfaction and for measuring the results of your referral marketing programs.

    Consider event-driven referral campaigns. Time your referral request at a key milestone, such as an anniversary. For example, you can send an announcement stating, "We're so happy that you've been our customer for one year. How about sharing the joy with your friends and colleagues?"

    Tap into the power of social media. If you haven't already done so, start a "fan" page on Facebook asking customers and other contacts to "like" your company page. Ask your LinkedIn connections to write a favorable recommendation. (Don't forget to reciprocate the favor when appropriate.) Finally, use your Facebook and LinkedIn posts to ask satisfied clients to refer you to others who could benefit from your services - sometimes the direct approach is the most effective.

    Find out who your client knows. A great way to do so is through LinkedIn. After you "connect" with a customer, you can easily identify their key influencers to see if they are a potential lead. What professional organizations do they belong to? What networking events do they attend? The "Get Introduced to a Connection" feature makes it easy for you to ask your customer to make the referral.

    "Thank you" goes a long way. Show your appreciation to those customers who refer with a personal note, discount, or gift card. They may be more likely to refer again in the future.

    We'd like to take this opportunity to thank all of our customers, friends and colleagues who have referred Malouin Marketing. We value your contribution to our success and we truly appreciate your support.

    As always, we encourage you to forward this email to anyone who might be interested in our marketing services. And, if we can help YOU in developing a plan to increase business referrals, please let us know.

  • Is Your Marketing Like Spaghetti?

    My Italian aunt would throw her homemade spaghetti against the wall to see if it was done. If it stuck, the noodles were supposedly cooked to perfection. While this might be a good idea for pasta, it's an inefficient way to approach your marketing. Not to mention, it can get pretty messy!

    So, before you start throwing handfuls of money into the latest marketing fad to see if it "sticks," do your research and take the time to develop a strategically driven plan.

    Malouin Marketing offers this practical advice for planning:

    • Conduct competitive research and analyze their product and service attributes. Find out what your competitors are doing well and what your business is doing better.
    • Interview current customers to understand hot button issues and learn from their experiences.
    • Consider surveying lost customers and potential customers as well. Lapsed customers may have stories to tell about service issues while potential customers are a good source of benchmark data on the competition.
    • Nail your messaging early. Strategic messaging differentiates your company allowing it to cut through the competitive clutter.
    • Drill down to actionable items. The tactical section of your plan should be as detailed as possible. Be precise about the when, where and how you'll implement your plan.  
    • Create an annual plan, but update quarterly and set goals throughout the year.  
    • Keep evolving. A marketing plan needs to be a workable, constantly evolving, living document. Whenever your business climate shifts or there are significant changes in your company, like the launch of a new product or service, it's a good time to revisit your plan.  
    • Measure your results. For each tactic, set a measurement to gauge whether it was successful. Annual benchmarking allows you to assess the plan's progress. This can go beyond ROI to measure traffic, awareness, loyalty, etc.  
    • Budget wisely. Marketing expenses can add up quickly, so set aside a specific dollar amount per month or per quarter. Evaluate on a quarterly basis and redirect resources based on the results of your initiatives.

    If your business lacks the time and resources to develop a marketing plan, consider partnering with an experienced marketing consultant like Malouin Marketing.

  • Engage With Video Content

    I'm no chef, but I like to challenge myself in the kitchen once in a while. My latest endeavor was learning how to make sourdough bread from scratch. Even after trying countless recipes, something always went wrong. I couldn't figure out the problem so, naturally, I tried Google.

    Searching for "making sourdough bread" led to a few YouTube tutorials on Google. After browsing a few of them, I realized that my kneading technique had been all-wrong. Sometimes, the best way to learn something is to see it being done.

    In fact, it is estimated that 60% of us are visual learners. As you can guess, visual learners learn predominantly with their eyes. This is one reason why some YouTube tutorials receive thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of views.

    Recent statistics show that 60 hours of video are uploaded every minute, or one hour of video is uploaded to YouTube every second. Over 4 billion videos are viewed a day, and 100 million people take a social action on YouTube (likes, shares, comments, etc.) every week. Not only are people watching video content, but they are also sharing videos that catch their interest. And that's the power of engaging video content.

    So what does this mean for your business? Here are some ways that you can incorporate video content into your marketing strategy:

    Create a video accompaniment to your corporate brochure. Last year, one of our long-term clients produced a series of "webisodes" that reinforce their core values. These videos are posted on their website and shared on their social media networks. They are also sent in DVD format along with their company brochure. Not every customer will have time to read the brochure, but some may find time to watch a 90 second video.

    Show the people behind the brand. Video can be a great opportunity to put a personality to a company, as well as introduce key executives and others, by having them on camera. Create video messages by people in your company where they discuss what they do for customers. The customer service relationship starts somewhere, so why not use video as a friendly introduction to your people, products and services?

    Add customer testimonials to your website. Do you have customers who are as excited about your brand as you are? Would they be willing to sit down for a quick video interview? If you could capture your customer's enthusiasm on video, the marketing value could be priceless.

    Don't be afraid to over share! Once you create video content, upload it to a video-sharing site like YouTube or Vimeo. YouTube allows users to easily share videos via email, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. You can also enable the "Embed" option that allows users to download a code that enables them to enable your video in a blog post. Of course, you will also want to share your video on your own social networks and encourage your fans to spread the message as well.

    How can Malouin Marketing help you create the right video for your business? Well, see for yourself...

  • We Gave a Reboot to Our Brand

    Do you notice something a little different? Malouin Marketing now has a brand new logo, along with a completely redesigned  website.  Why the changes? As the marketing industry evolves at a breakneck speed, Malouin Marketing continues to embrace new approaches to marketing. And, while our mainstay is strategy-driven marketing and creative services, in recent years we've expanded our services to offer our clients more online marketing, including social media consulting.

    Taking the Malouin Marketing logo and website in a new direction was a necessary part of this evolution. So, we said goodbye to the outdated 1990's style and hello to a fresh, bold approach!

    In this issue, we'll use Malouin Marketing as an example of how you can reboot your brand with a new logo and a new website.

    Why It Was Time for a Change

    A company logo is often your brand's first impression and it should tell a story. A successful logo should immediately invoke a feeling about your company or product that aligns with who you are and how you wish to be perceived.

    As a marketing firm, we've grown leaps and bounds since we first started in the 90s, but our logo didn't reflect that. Not only was it dated, the old logo didn't tell our story. Malouin Marketing needed a logo that better represented who we are and what we can do for our clients.

    What Story Does It Tell?

    If you look at the new logo, you will first notice the "M" pin and the bold treatment of the lettering. This was intentional, to illustrate that Malouin Marketing provides a bold approach. The pin represents how Malouin Marketing puts your business on the map by helping your customers find you and showing you how to stand out from the rest.

    We also re-evaluated our colors and chose the color blue to be featured in our logo. This was a strategic choice (not just because we like the color blue). We picked blue to reinforce that we are trustworthy, dependable, and committed--all traits that our clients value in our firm. It also speaks to our "fresh" approach to new and emerging marketing trends.

    Generally speaking, a full redesign of a company logo should be considered if there has been a significant change in your market or industry. Just consider how the marketing industry has changed with the growth of new technologies and social media. With the new logo, Malouin Marketing wanted to demonstrate our modern approach to marketing. That's why we replaced the old-school calligraphy-style "M" in the previous logo with a bold and friendly font in the new one.

    New Look, New Website

    Along with our new logo, Malouin Marketing also redesigned our website to better match its bold new look and allow for updated content. You'll notice that the improved and enhanced website now features our social media links, so it's easier than ever to share articles and information with your friends and colleagues.

    We've also included a QR code in the footer of our website so that you can simply use your mobile device to save all of our contact information in the form of a vCard. Another innovative feature is our new Social Media Services page that highlights how we can assist in this area. To showcase our expertise and the quality of our work, articles and portfolio samples also take a more prominent placement.

    Is It Time to Rebrand?

    If your company's corporate goals and messaging have changed, rebranding is a way to tell the new story. Rebranding is a commitment that requires careful planning and precise goals. It should mean more than changing a website URL or modifying the logo.

    If your company is interested in rebranding, consider hiring an outside consultant to offer a fresh perspective and professional expertise. Contact Malouin Marketing to find out how we can help!


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