Boost Growth with Sales and Marketing Integration

Ever heard of the term “smarketing”? As you might have guessed, it’s a buzzword used to refer to the integration of sales and marketing within an organization – a growing trend in companies looking to eliminate the conflict between the two groups and optimize customer acquisition in a more cohesive way.

In today’s environment, integrating sales and marketing is more important than ever. As traditional channels for distributing marketing messages no longer have the same impact as they did a decade ago, marketers are beginning to engage more directly with customers via social media and lead nurturing initiatives. As a result, the lines between marketing and sales are becoming more blurred.

While you may not use the exact term, you may have already begun to develop a strategy that allows these two groups to work smarter and closer together. But if you still hear your sales team making comments such as, “The marketing leads are terrible!” or the marketing team complaining that salespeople are lazy, it’s time to embrace a smarketing strategy of your own.

Here are three tips to help you tackle this tricky – but rewarding – shift in culture:

  • Share goals and insights
    It’s time to break down those silos and create shared goals and a unified focus on your company’s most valuable customers. The two teams should agree on who your target audiences are and share knowledge about where they can be found, their buying habits and how they make decisions. Then the marketing team can help create materials to identify those customers and sales can help close the deal. By sharing knowledge and co-creating these targets, everyone is on the same page and no one has the right to complain about a wrong target or bad lead.

  • Become familiar with the customer buying process – together
    Get both teams in a room and put yourselves in the shoes of your customer: where do they become exposed to your product? How do they build knowledge, form purchase intentions, and ultimately purchase your product and/or services? Outline these steps and then assign marketing and sales responsibilities at each stage. This way, both functions work together to meet the customer needs as they progress along their path to purchase.

  • Agree on the numbers
    Both the marketing and sales team should be aware of, and in agreement with, the commitment from both sides. This could include measurable goals from marketing on the number of leads that will be generated, or rules for how fast sales will follow-up on leads and actions to be taken to engage with prospects. Once joint success is clearly outlined, consider using visible dashboards to monitor progress and create a transparent culture between the two groups. A bonus: You can spot challenges along the way and tackle them before they escalate.

No matter your industry, we can all agree that marketing and sales have the same goal: to increase revenue. If you’re able to get your teams together and make agreements on how each department can help the other, you will be able to promote a healthier work culture, better serve customers and ultimately maximize your ROI.

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