B2B Social Media: Six Tips for Savvy Marketers

If you're thinking that you don't have the time or the resources to invest in social media, your business is missing out on the fastest growing channel for communication! It's time for B2B companies to shift the conversation from "Does my company need social media?" to "How can we leverage social media for our business success?"

In fact, 62% of companies say that social media has become more important as a source of leads in the past six months.

In a recent survey of social media users:

  • 55% thought that social networking sites were the best way to deliver feedback to a company.
  • 54% wanted companies to have a page or feed on a social networking site.
  • More than half thought that a company needed a Facebook page to stay relevant. 

Whether you are new to social media or are an experienced pro, here are six simple B2B tips to turn your marketing efforts from sappy to savvy:

1. Develop a Roadmap
Think of B2B social media as one of the instruments in your marketing/communications toolkit. Just as you need a plan before launching a direct mail or email campaign, you need to develop a strategy before delving into social media marketing. Figure out ways to integrate social media into your other forms of marketing. Tie your Facebook page into event marketing. Use your LinkedIn company page as part of a referral marketing campaign. Don't isolate your social media channels from your other marketing efforts.

2. Revisit Your Corporate Social Media Policy
A corporate social media policy protects the company and the employee by establishing formal guidelines for online communications. With the constant influx of new social networks, your company should review your social media policy, at least, every six months. And, if your company does not yet have a policy, now is the time to create one.

3. Be Consistent
You've developed the messaging, but have you decided on your company's online persona? Having a consistent social media voice is as important as developing the right messaging. Establish a tone for your social media presence and stick with it. A casual tone may work for some establishments, but don't switch back and forth between overtly casual and rigidly professional.

4. Narrow Your Focus
Unless you have the resources to manage various social media channels with the same amount of effort, now is the time to focus your energy on the few that really work for you. Once you find your audience, focus your efforts there first. Facebook may work for some companies, while LinkedIn may be more appropriate for others. Don't feel obligated to sign up for every social media channel.

5. Learn How to Listen
Don't be that guy or gal at the party who is constantly talking about him/herself all the time. If you wouldn't want to hang out with that kind of person in real life, then you're not going to do it online either. Instead, be that person who listens attentively and offers sound advice when appropriate. Use your social media networks to listen to your customers. What kind of conversations are they having about your company, competitors, or the industry? And, how will you use this information to your advantage?

6. Consider Outsourcing
If you want to enhance your company's social media efforts but lack the people power to do everything in-house, consider outsourcing some of the responsibilities. While you do want to maintain ultimate control of your company's networks, you may need experienced guidance in drafting your social media policy or evaluating your current social media practices. Using an outside consultant can help you fine-tune your social media strategy by bringing a fresh perspective to your efforts.

If you want to take a strategic approach to social media marketing,contact Malouin Marketing for a complimentary, no-obligation consultation. Visit our Social Media Services page to see how we can help your business!


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