4 Reasons to Increase Your Digital Marketing Budget in 2018

As we continue to navigate through the digital age, it’s no surprise that companies are dedicating more of the marketing budget to engage customers through the internet and social media. According to the Gartner 2016-2017 CMO Spend Survey, marketing leaders across the U.S. and U.K. spent more on their websites, digital commerce and digital advertising than on any other category of the marketing mix – and that number continues to rise.

Marketers have numerous options to consider when creating marketing plans and budgets for 2018. By looking at the benefits of today’s technologies and trends, it’s not difficult to understand why many companies’ digital marketing sits parallel – or even surpasses – traditional marketing. While we understand digital marketing isn’t one size fits all, here are some compelling reasons to expand your digital marketing focus:

  • It’s Cost Effective
    Digital marketing strategies typically don’t require a huge budget, making them a cost-effective way to attract and engage consumers. In addition, an online presence of your brand can enhance your credibility and help generate more revenue.
  • Expanded Reach
    With over 60 percent of American adults using smartphones and tablets to search for local product and service information, having an engaging online presence helps this growing audience interact with and get to know your product even more.
  • More Ways to Share Content
    Digital marketing strategies create new opportunities to spread content in an effective way – blogs and social media posts are just a few of the ways to share your story while attracting and engaging new and returning customers.
  • Opportunity for Creativity
    Every year, new technologies and innovations create opportunity to stay relevant, interesting and competitive. By taking time to learn about the latest innovations, you can gain new perspectives and brainstorm creative ways to use them for your brand.

According to the Huffington Post, some of the top digital trends to watch for in 2018 include mobile video, “explainer” videos, brand blogs, geofencing (notifying users on their mobile devices when they are active in a certain area) and chat bots. Not sure how to incorporate these trends into your 2018 plans? Contact us today for a free, no-obligation quote for a marketing campaign that’s right for you.


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